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Basketball Evaluations and Tryouts

Player evaluations for town travel teams can be one of the most stressful times.  It requires the town to find impartial evaluators with a good understanding of basketball.  Player selection is often left to the coach and others who have already formed relationships with players and parents, this can lead to a biased selection.

Merrimack Valley Sports solves this problem by providing coaches with years of experience in player/team selection.  They also have no agenda other than to rate the players based on how they perform in the tryouts against their peers.  The coaches use a quantifiable rating system that rates players in different fundamentals of the game such as shooting, dribbling and athleticism along with higher level concepts such as defense, off-ball play and overall game play.
The organization will be presented with a matrix of scores for each player, comments noted during the evaluation along with a summary of the total scores for the group.  This information allows the organization to make the best selection possible and be able to give each player specifics on strengths and weaknesses.

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